My athletic activities started when I was 4 years old with ballet, then gymnastics, cheer leading in middle school. During high school I participated in softball, track and field, band and flag football. I continued running in college and took up swimming and ran my first Wharf-to-Wharf race in 1987 last run in 2011. Bodybuilding sparked my interest in 1998 and I competed in '99. I got back into competing in 2011 after doing many other obstacle course races, biking (1x centennial event! ) and running (1x 1/2 marathon!) events. I say I retired from BB in 2015, but you never know :-)!!!

I have always enjoyed nutrition and exercise and therefore become a Fitness trainer in 2000 at a local gym, my certification was through the NASM program and in 2002 ISSA. My massage therapy practice was established in 2005 after completing my certificate training at IBT in Santa Clara, Ca. My practice is located at 2 local Chiropractic offices and I am currently renting space in Willow Glen for massage and personal training.


      2013 came and I challenged myself to obtain my Bachelors degree in Health and Wellness, graduating Cum Laude! There is always something more to learn about our bodies how exercise and proper nutrition is the key to a healthier you. I have trained clients that were race car drivers to the every day person trying to get into better shape and individuals coaping with ilness such as Parkinsons and Neuropathy . Exercise is beneficial to everyone. Yes, we all have different goals but proper nutrition and a workout routine can help us prolong illness, get stronger and become more fit. 

As I always look to learn in order to help my clients, I recently received my certification through John F. Barnes in Myofascial release in 2017. This technique works by releasing fascia to get better movement and cellular flow, to aid in muscle repair. 


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